Saturday, 4 March 2017

Welcome to my blog

Hello and welcome to Maine Trading's new blog.

I just spent a couple of days revamping the webpage, so I thought it would be a good time to start a blog for Maine Trading. Take a look by clicking on the new logo below and tell me what you think?

The theme and tag line of the blog name 'The Essence of Time' is inspired by the concept of 'time' that runs right through the business.

For those who do not know Maine Trading, we sell on eBay, the items we sell are brand new or faulty returns and there are lots of items that have been pre-owned.

Our source for these items are from people who have items that are too good for landfill but don't have time to eBay the items themselves.

These people typically want to save towards a holiday or are wanting to do home improvements or just need some extra cash, and by de-cluttering they can get closer to their savings goal.

Some of the items we are lucky enough to get to sell, are very old and are full of history just holding them gives you a sense of 'time' gone by. If they could talk they would certainly have some good tales to tell, especially the items from the 60's and 70's, I always love the war memorabilia such as Gas masks that we recently sold.

The new or faulty items we sell are items I may source myself or are sold on behalf of a company that has overstock and some are sold on a dropship basis.

Maine Trading has evolved since 2004 where I started out selling a few bits around the house and eventually sourcing items myself to sell online and gradually moving into selling for others.

I think it fills a gap in my life where I love buying things but instead of hoarding them I sell them on. I dread to think what kind of a hoarder I would be if I did not have a greater bug for selling than I do for keeping items.

Some of my clients are hoarders who find it difficult to part with some items and it takes great patience and understanding from me to help them clear out their clutter and change their life for the better.

Our tag line of  'The essence of Time' I feel is very fitting for Maine Trading, we save people 'time' and we work with items that have plenty of 'time' left in them.

I hope you enjoy this blog and if you have anything you want me to cover please feel free to let me know, whether it be about eBay selling or de-cluttering or anything else like keeping accounts or best listing practices, sourcing stock or dealing with difficult customers or returns.

I will be using this blog to impart some eBay selling wisdom and show casing some of the wonderful items we get to sell along with sharing my general eBay adventure.

So don't be shy, pop by and say hello anytime.

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