Sunday, 20 August 2017

eBay Neighbourhood is closing down, but the Trading Assistant Directory Lives On!

Ebay neighbourhood is closing down after a beta test of the programme that has been happening over the past 12 months, the programme was not without its flaws the main one being that only private sellers could join the program, this created a few problems in the fact that anyone selling for a profit i:e selling someone else's items for a fee, in this case 40% commission is classed automatically as a business, so this is one initial huge flaw in the ebay neighbourhood plan.

Ebay Neighborhood was not dissimilar to the continuing eBay Trading Assistant programme, the main difference being that the trading assistant sets their own terms and conditions including how much it charges in fees and commissions, this is where we started out over 10 years ago.

The programme relied on ebay inviting people to the programme, it was not something that just anyone could join, unlike the Trading Assistants Programme where you can sign up to their eBay Trading Assistant directory and be found.

The ebay neighbourhood portal matched people with a seller in their area and they could contact them directly and make arrangements to sell their items for them, you can take a last look at the portal here

The trading Assistant Directory tags onto your 'about me' page in ebay near to your feedback profile (See below) or click through to the directory here

It is quite surprising how few people know that eBay have a Trading Assistants Directory considering it has been in operation for many many years, over 10 +, years but I am unsure how long exactly, unlike many other experiments that eBay tinker with such as the ebay University that is also now debunked and replaced with eBay training videos which can be found easily on Youtube (click here)

These Trading Assistants, such as ourselves are always happy to answer questions about trading on ebay or steer you in the direction of being successful for yourself on eBay or if all else fails we are happy to sell your items for you!.

If you want to know more about our services take a look at our website here where most of your questions can be answered, or pop your question below and I will be happy to furnish you with an answer or if you feel more comfortable please feel free to email me and ask me questions!.

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