Saturday, 19 August 2017

History Preserved, eBay's Unintended Consequences!..

One thing I love about eBay is the History that it preserves. being a huge History Lover, anything of historical value catches my eye, but some of the history floating around on ebay is quite astonishing.

I am a member of a number eBay groups on facebook, being a member of a facebook group is a valuable thing to do if you want to get serious about eBay, there are some fabulous people in those groups that share their experience and expertise around ebay and its workings, but what I love the most is the variety of ebay stores out there.

One particular eBay group has a 'share your store' post every day and some of the stores that get shared are amazing.

One particular store recently shared that caught my eye is entitled K-Town Consignments I spent quite a while browsing, with their 8,000 plus listings there is a lot get through.

What a fabulous store, the history contained in that store is amazing, here are some of my favourites.

Call me a geek but there is something very satisfactory about looking through the Vintage Collectable listings on eBay.

From Bedwarmers to Sewing Boxes, bell Boxes to Vintage Knomes, it is all there, History, preserved!...

This history that is often forgotten is no longer confined to Museums and private homes, we can all access this wonderful history of humankind thanks to eBay.

With the myriad of amazing eBay stores buying and selling pieces of timeless history instead of dumping these fabulous pieces in skips, people are making a living from them. History serving the present, while being preserved, I find it quite beautiful!...

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